May 2018

Skate School transformed the relationships with the kids who started watching out for Fosters’ property and the vandalism stopped.

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April 2017

Our kids had never been on a sailboat, some of them had never even seen Lake Michigan before. It was unlike any other sailing trips I’ve been on. It’s not just about sailing, it’s about youth development.

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january 2017

Dr. Chandy is a licensed clinical psychologist who sits on the board of Carpe Ventus. Listen in as she talks about the character building elements of risk taking, building bridges and adventure.

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Youth mentorship has dramatically beneficial results so we are excited to be sharing our passion for sailing in a way that helps youth and their mentors thrive while making Chicago a better place to live.

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WGN Radio Interview copy.jpg

WGN Radio host, Steve Cochran, interviewed Founder and Executive Director, David Foster, for Giving Tuesday. Take a listen! We particularly loved the intro song choice - well played!