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If you haven't been approved as a volunteer for Carpe Ventus, be sure to check out the opportunities we have available and let us know if you're interested using the buttons below!


Approved Volunteers:  As training or sailing events are scheduled this is your place to either let us know your coming or to sign up for a shift!  





Watch this space and our social media channels for upcoming dates.


Seeking crew to assist skipper and participants in basic sailing operations and emergency procedures if necessary.  All crew will train to serve in the coach role as described below.


Seeking sailors with substantial experience, knowledge and preferably certification (US Sailing, ASA or Captain's License).  The skipper is in command of the vessel and the sailing related instruction and decisions.  A skipper must be able to build trust and relationships while patiently communicating the basic operations of sailing to youth and mentors in everyday language.


Seeking crew or skipper to serve as coach.  The coach must have mastery of the Carpe Ventus  Curriculum (training ongoing), be able to identify and seize teachable moments and debrief the experience afterward. Strong interpersonal skills required.


Seeking outgoing people to welcome our groups as they arrive, facilitate team-building and other activities as well as engage participants in meaningful conversation.

Please note: All potential volunteers must complete an application, a background check and appropriate Carpe Ventus training to be considered for an active volunteer position.


Carpe Ventus Groundwork Sessions are designed to teach anyone serving with us to address and be aware of relational barriers in our own lives and in the lives of our participants.  Through actively learning about identity development, racial and cultural dynamics, dealing with fear and anxiety, in-the-moment problem solving, teamwork and self-care we will be equipped to create a learning environment that will develop the foundational skills necessary for taking life-giving risks and doing new and challenging things.

We are building a community that can have fun and take risks together to create a better Chicago, and we hope you are up for the ride too!

Team-Building & Cross-Cultural Training

Consider the opportunity to make the money you spend on team-building experiences for your team impact the very city in which you live and work!

It's no secret that something significant happens when a team breaks out of their routine and plays together.  The fun and challenges of sailing create a phenomenal environment for building strong relationships in your group. When teams connect on a personal level, trust, communication and productivity all improve.  

We use a range of curriculum and team building activities which we can tailor to your team's schedule and priorities.  Whether its just a day to escape the office and routine or an intentional means for exposing interpersonal dynamics and strengthening communication and understanding we are excited to get you off the grid and onto the water!

The best part of all this is that your team's outing directly benefits our work in partnership with mentoring organizations all over the city of Chicago.


More information on our cross-cultural training for business and non-profit teams coming soon!  

If you just can't wait, feel free to contact us!