It’s not just about sailing, it’s about youth development.
— Mike Trout, Young Men's Educational Network

You're Invited - Come Seize the Wind

Help us get you started - let us know a bit about your group and how we can help your crew strengthen their relationships by taking a risk together off the grid and on the water!  If you've already completed the interest form, scroll down for Sailing Day Information.

"It's not just about sailing, it's about youth development."  Our partner, Mike Trout with YMEN couldn't have said it better.  Here is a sample of sail-related themes for conversation that our coaches can facilitate on the boat. Let us know what your group needs most in this season of your relationships with them. 


Essential Questions:  What are risks we take in life? Are there good/bad risks? How do the risks we take impact our lives?  
The Goal:  Students will make a connection between the experience taking a risk on a sailboat and taking risks in life.  Participants will be able to describe risks, both good and bad, taken in life and the impact of these risks. 


Essential Questions:  How does our perspective shape how we relate to different situations?  How can changing our perspective change our outlook on life?
The Goal:  Participants will be able to describe the importance of seeing a bigger picture as well as the power of their perspective and their words about themselves and others.

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“It’s not just about sailing, it’s about youth development.” Hear from Mike Trout with YMEN about their experience!


Way to seize the wind!  The information below is very important to help you prepare and make the most of your time on the water with Carpe Ventus.  Please make the time to read through it!


Burnham Harbor - Dock EA4

Parking is metered along the museum campus.  Lower cost lots can be found on Linn White Drive south of the Pavilion as you drive down Northerly Island toward the old control tower.

Public Transit options are plentiful, please leave extra time in order to arrive at the dock promptly as we may not be able to make up time at the end of the event and want you to have the full experience. The closest address is 1362 S Linn White Drive, although our dock is a little north of that address.


This waiver MUST be signed by all participants or by a legal guardian for all participants under 18 years of age.  Everyone will be in life-jackets any time they are on the boat!  We know some people will be quite nervous and we are prepared to help them.  That's why we call it life-giving risk! It's a good risk to take and we are quite convinced about the power of overcoming fear and doing something you didn't know you could do! (and maybe for some--keep sailing which opens new doors to relationships, jobs, etc.)!


  • Medication for motion sickness: Did you know - some of our seasoned skippers regularly get sea-sick. That doesn't need to stop you!  We strongly suggest taking motion sickness medication such as non-drowsy Dramamine 1 hour before you are on the water even if you do not think you will need it.  It’s not fun to be sick!

  • Water: Everyone should have their own water to drink

  • Sunscreen: Even if it is cloudy, the clouds can disappear and the sun reflects off the water so it is more intense than on land

  • Sunglasses/Hat: When the sun at certain angles it can be difficult to see.

  • Layers: Temps on the lake can vary and are usually 15 degrees cooler than shore.  Be sure to dress in layers and bring a rain jacket too.

  • Phone/devices Protection: We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged phones/devices. We recommend leaving them with someone on shore.  If you plan to bring a phone/device it is at your own risk and we recommend you be sure it is in something waterproof like a ziplock bag.

  • Shoes: Wear non-marking soled shoes (no black soled shoes please as it marks the white fiber glass and is hard to clean)

  • Please do NOT wear jewelry: Jewelry can get snagged and cause injury, even watches can get lost or damaged, it is best to remove it while sailing.

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