Groundwork Sessions

Cross-Cultural Communication & Competence Training

April 1, 2017


Carpe Ventus Groundwork Sessions are designed to teach anyone serving with us to address and be aware of barriers in our own lives and in the lives of our participants.  Through actively learning about identity development, racial and cultural dynamics, dealing with fear and anxiety, in-the-moment problem solving, teamwork and self-care we will be equipped to create a learning environment that will develop the foundational skills necessary for taking life-giving risks and doing new and challenging things.

We are building a community that can have fun and take risks together to create a better Chicago, and we hope you are up for the ride too!  

Required Reading:  This is a deeply moving story from Chicago and our national history.  Please be sure to read this prior to arriving on Saturday.  We will be using it for discussion.


Carpe Ventus Volunteers: Program cost waived.  Lunch ~$10

Non-Volunteers: $20 (program cost) and about ~$10 for lunch.


Please contact Dave Foster for information on bringing this training to your business team or organization.