Spring Groundworks Sessions

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In our current divisive political environment any conversation about differences feels especially charged. It's easy for us to retreat into our subgroups and avoid these conversations. Yet there is so much to be gained by understand ourselves, how our viewpoints and beliefs develop while also learning how to effectively communicate with diverse others. If you want to learn more about how you see the world and how to improve your cross cultural communication register today!

Our goal is to support people working and serving in diverse situations by strengthening their understanding of the underlying dynamics at play in every relationship.

  • Brief History of Justice & Injustice in Chicago
  • Personal Identity Development
  • Mentoring & Developmental Assets
  • Becoming Curious Learners
  • Ethnic Identity & Microagressions
  • Signs of Compassion Fatigue
  • Tools for Sustainable Compassion Work

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January 27 or March 10


Host at: By the Hand Club for Kids-Austin

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At our training, ministry leaders will be supported in serving their communities and unifying the nations represented in our city.

Non-profit staff will be given the opportunity to reconnect to the bigger picture and be refreshed and equipped to engage with the communities they serve.

Mentors will learn ways to bridge the gap and be better prepared as they build trust and invest more of themselves in those they mentor

First Responders will be welcomed as the people they are behind their uniforms. Who you are matters just as much as what you do, our desire is to give you space to explore the perspectives and experiences that have shaped you.

Students will grow in knowing themselves and expand skills to thrive in leadership and diverse relationships.  

Foster parents and families will be equipped to cultivate stronger bonds with those they care for.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. Register at www.carpeventus.com/groundworks today.